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Team & Climate Building

A helpful climate brings out the very best in everyone. When we work towards building a climate that is deliberate about strengthening relationships, we can create the space for people to feel heard, valued and fairly treated.

ARC has worked with diverse leaders and administrators to nurture helpful climates in a number of environments—in businesses, workplaces, schools, justice facilities, organizations, neighborhoods, families, and even in film, television and theatre settings. When we focus on setting a helpful climate, we can act early to maximize the potential for strong and trusting relationships and minimize the potential for disagreements, conflict and violence. We place a great emphasis on the use of processes that are dialogue-driven, empathic and participatory. When we do this, productivity and satisfaction in the environment tend to follow. Everyone experiences a sense of belonging in the growing “community” and people are driven by a desire to both be and do their best at all times.

Some of the questions we often ask to take the “temperature” and to stimulate discussion and group responsibility within a workplace, association or community organization include:

  • What does a good community look like to members?
  • What would we see happening in a good community?
  • How do we want to be treated by others?
  • What do we need to be at our best in this community?
  • What can we do to bring out the best in others?
  • Are meetings productive and do they help us work towards our vision/mission/goals?
  • Do we work from agendas that provide structure and purpose to meetings?
  • Do all members actively participate in our meetings?
  • Is there a sufficient level of trust among group members to allow for candid discussion?
  • Do members feel “heard” when they share their views?
  • How do we handle differences of opinion and perspective in the team?
  • How can members best contribute to the work of the team?
  • How can members be deliberate about cultivating a sense of being “in this together” in times of difficulty and change?
  • Do we know how to approach difficult situations like conflict and disagreements in a good way?
  • What can we be doing to further strengthen relationships and build trust in our team?
  • What strategies and skills do we already have that we can use to build a good community at work?

ARC uses a restorative practices framework to help organizations seed and cultivate environments that bring out the best in everyone. We help groups build awareness and understanding of empirically proven best practices then we set about demonstrating and modeling the practical steps that must follow. In this way, organizations have been able to cultivate respectful relationships that are marked by a higher degree of collaboration, creativity and respect for diversity.  They are able to build a sense of community, increase respect and trust and thereby move forward into a more hopeful and healthy future together.



The sessions we did with Gola and Bill really got people excited.  They enabled staff to see things from a different perspective, understand their power to make positive changes and focus on specific things that they could do to make change happen.  We have seen great improvements in staff morale and approach since we did this work and people don’t buy into other people’s negativity anymore.  The results from these sessions were everything we hoped for and more – Patricia Bland, Chief Executive Officer, Riverview Home Corporation

I just wanted to thank you for recommending Bill for our team-building event. His presentation was interesting, thought provoking and hilarious. I was amazed by the emotion he evoked from the entire room. I think everyone took something important home with them that day. – Maggie Morrison, The Regional Municipality of York

Gola is a masterful facilitator — wonderful, empowering, open and caring which transfers perfectly/harmoniously to the process itself. – T.S.

Best seminar ever!” and “I needed to hear that!” were just a few of the repeated comments echoed in response to Bill Carr’s seminar. Bill speaks with a poignant, direct and personal style and delivers with an authority gleaned from varied personal life experiences, and shares these intimate nuggets of life with the wit and charm of a true Canadian Maritimer. As a facilitator, Bill draws the best from his audience, his compassionate prodding empowering even the most reticent participants to share personal insight and opinions. I would unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend Bill to any organization or group function. –David Froelich, Secretary Treasurer, Teamsters Local Union 987 of Alberta

Gola, you were excellent! I have a lot to think about and work on in applying restorative practices to both my personal and professional world! Thank you!- A.C

 This is the best workshop I have ever attended! An opportunity to self-reflect; non-judgmental environment set from the beginning; very knowledgeable facilitator; a connection between the information and our current program/work. – C.C.

Gola, you always help me feel re-energized.  I think much of this has to do with your positivity and confidence. Thank you! – L.D.