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Speech Mastery: The Art of Influence

The world is shaped by two things — stories told and the memories they leave behind –  Vera Nazarian, Dreams of the Compass Rose

Speaking changes the world. A story well told can inspire, connect, sell, inform and motivate individual and collective change. Humankind has used stories and speeches to transform community, create civilizations, celebrate love and motivate some of our greatest achievements as human beings. Speaking is ultimately ever, between the speaker and the listener and that intimacy is never lost, even if there are millions who participate in the exchange.

Whether you want to inspire, transform, sell, inform or just connect, the Speech Mastery: The Art of Influence let’s you in on the secrets of speech-making and how to use your speech to influence your audience in deep and profound ways.

It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO motivating your company to thrive in tough times, a medical practitioner who can be challenged in how to deliver difficult news in the best way possible, a manager who is supporting your team through periods of change, a volunteer with a charity or an association, a parent talking to your children, or someone who has a story they are burning to tell, speech mastery is a tool you need.  And if your world is about sales then effective speaking and a deeper understanding of the art of influence will help you share value and create an effective connection between you, your product and your client.

What’s your story? Who inspires you and why? What is the most significant event in your life? If you had to tell one story that best describes yourself, what would it be? What is your passion? What do you have to share, why and with whom?

These are just some of the questions Bill encourages you to explore in Speech Mastery, to help you find the perfect story.  Everyone has a story and everyone is a storyteller. It is the one distinct human quality of which there can be no doubt.  Humans have been telling stories since we lived in caves and no matter how sophisticated the technologies whether you are speaking to one or a thousand, the fundamentals of speech presentation and storytelling remain the same.

In this keynote, Bill explores the fundamentals of a good speech:

  • The neurobiology of the story
  • How people change their minds
  • Language its power and purpose
  • What makes for a good story
  • Sharing emotion
  • The act of connecting
  • Using fear and resistance

Speaking changes the world and every voice needs to be heard. What’s your story? Speech Mastery: The Art of Influence shows you how to open hearts and minds.

Listen to Bill speak on “Speech Mastery.

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