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Safe Spaces @ Work: A Holistic Approach to Safety

The concept of “Safety” can mean a lot of different things to different people.  In the modern workplace, safety can reflect diverse ideas that include physical, social, emotional, mental health and cultural considerations.  This is the expansion of the concept of workplace safety that is thankfully taking hold in many workplaces and it needs to be taken up for all workers, at all times, in all places.  Bill helps participants examine both their own and others conceptions of “Safety” and then encourages them to reflect and perhaps transform the way safety is operationalized and “lived out” on a daily basis, from accident prevention to the way that we communicate with others at work.  For Bill, empathy is the key ingredient and he believes that a more holistic approach and deeper appreciation of safety is what will ultimately contribute to a safer workplace on many levels.

Questions Explored:

  1. What are the elements of a safe workspace?
  2. What do we mean by a holistic approach to safety?
  3. How can we expand the awareness of these various elements of safety into all areas of our workplace?
  4. How do we view ‘near misses” physically and relationally and how should we address them?
  5. What steps do we need to take personally and as a group to make ensure that all aspects of safety are foundational issues in our workplace and our lives?
  6. How is emotional safety a key factor in all other aspects safety consciousness?


  1. Redefining safety so that the whole person and the whole community are served.
  2. Noting practical steps that can be taken by ourselves and individuals and then by our workplace culture, to make sure safety consciousness is multifaceted and ubiquitous.
  3. A safer healthier and more empathic workplace for all starting right away.
  4. A holistic view of safety starting with our own understanding and sharing that vision throughout our work and life.