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Restorative Communication Workshop

Restorative Communication: How to Build Good Relationships


At its heart, good communication always helps build community. Sometimes communities experience changes, challenges or conflict that inhibits strong and trusting relationships. This is unfortunate because trusting relationships are the very thing that every high functioning, effective and prosperous community requires.


The “Restorative Communication” workshop was originally developed in 2010 in collaboration with the Women Unlimited program at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) to assist women entering non-traditional trades. While cultural responsiveness and inclusion in many trades was felt to be an ongoing and evolving process, it was determined that the women themselves could display leadership through their own communication and engagement strategies. Restorative practices offered an empirically proven path to follow in this regard. Used successfully in schools, justice and community settings, restorative communication tools and techniques have been successfully applied in the workplace to shift climate and help build a strong supportive workplace culture by creating an inclusive environment for everyone. Since its inception with Women Unlimited, this workshop has been expanded and adapted to allow many diverse groups and organizations to help people build awareness, understanding and avoid or deescalate conflict.


Learning Outcomes for Participants:


  • How to build an understanding of and appreciation for differences among people and create proactive opportunities for cultural exchange;
  • How to manage human emotions and maximize opportunities to transform negative encounters into positive ones;
  • How to develop and choose language and communication strategies that nurture and build healthy relationships;
  • How to engage others effectively amid resistance and conflict; and
  • How to respectfully articulate boundaries, expectations and develop shared norms within the workplace.


The facilitator, Gola Taraschi-Carr, is a twenty-year restorative practitioner with a rich practice history in many diverse fields. She approaches her work with humour, acceptance and non-judgement, allowing all participants to feel safe and supported. She utilizes a narrative approach to respectfully allow participants to explore and share their lived experience and stories. She values peacemaking, intersectionality, culturally responsive and dialogue driven approaches. This results in a culturally transformative experience as well as renewed and strengthened relationships for everyone involved. For more information on Gola’s unique experiences and education, please visit www. To learn more about ARC, please visit

Workshops are ideally limited to 25 participants per session to create space and allow for individual exploration and sharing of experiences.

The length of this workshop is fully customizable in order to meet client needs. Gola works directly with organizers and clients before each event in order to create material relevant to and of vital interest for each individual audience.