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Relationships Matter: The Power of Story

We must learn to celebrate the idea that we are members of a species who communicate best through storytelling. In this session, Bill helps us consider how to best listen to and share stories with one another in order to make for better communication and deeper connections in our workplace and our private lives.  Using ancient techniques and sharing modern neuroscience, Bill explains how the ubiquitous use of story works to build relationships in our personal lives and in the society around us.

Questions explored:

  1. Why are stories important?
  2. How can we use stories to better make and understand our connections with others?
  3. What are the elements of a good and effective story?
  4. Why is empathy so important and so often misunderstood? 
  5. How do we listen and hear best?


  1. A better understanding of the key elements of a story and how we as humans receive story.
  2. An understanding of why we need use “careful narration”
  3. How to use ancient techniques of storytelling in our modern workaday world. 
  4. A skillful use of questions and ways of listening for answers that reinforce connections with ourselves and others. 
  5. Ways of checking in and being with one another more deeply and effectively.