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Mind Your Bubble

Psychologists use the terms social cognition, psychological constructs, memes, or schema to describe those ideas that the mind frames and hold as truths. At ARC, we like to collectively call them “bubbles”. We all have bubbles that we hold as truth until proven otherwise.

In an age when we feel compelled to move fast and decide fast and react fast and generally be fast, our perception is often not that clear. We have both rigid concepts that are limiting and we also have unique ways of experiencing and seeing the world. Our bubbles are transformed by listening and talking to others – and they are clearer for it.

The more we know about our inner selves through neurological discoveries, mindfulness and deep compassionate self observation and inquiry, the better able we will be to cope, to hope and to move toward a healthier, happier, wiser society and world.


The length of this workshop is fully customizable in order to meet client needs. Gola works directly with organizers and clients before each event in order to create material relevant to and of vital interest for each individual audience.