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Meet Our Team

Atlantic Restorative Company (ARC) was founded in 2012 by Bill Carr and Gola Taraschi-Carr.  Bill and Gola first met in 2009 and soon discovered a common interest and passion for community building and restorative justice.  ARC is an incorporated and privately owned business and that means that we intend to be sustainable, viable, self-directed, and make decisions based on personal principles.  But we are also a social entrepreneurship and that means that we are also seeking social change as a vital outcome of everything that we do.  Bill and Gola also happened to get married in 2012 just one week after ARC launched and so that means we are a family business too.  In 2020, we celebrate our 8th year!

ARC is focused on creating space for authentic human exchange. We do this so that people can strengthen and repair relationships, transform conflict, deepen understanding, build synergy and feel more connected to and positive about the world around them. From Bill’s work in team building and motivation to Gola’s work in conflict transformation and community building, ARC seeks to creates an experience of connection, belonging and synergy between people. We feel that entrepreneurs have a new and exciting role to play in our society, one that blends economic viability and sustainability with the larger social good. We are a social entrepreneurship and that means that we seek social change, equity and justice as a vital outcome of our activities.

We work from a cross-compensation view. This means that we offer all of our services to clients at competitive market rates and then leverage this to enable ARC to offer the same services to beneficiaries who would not normally be able to to afford them.  We offer a sliding scale and are always open to conversation about what that looks like. Finance is important but not all benefits can be captured in monetary terms. For example, we deeply enjoy the pay-off and satisfaction of a conflict transformation process done well or a team feeling recharged and motivated. On so many levels, doing this work is itself a gift and a deep privilege to us personally and professionally. It is fair to say that we feel pretty inspired much of the time.

When asked what it felt like to start his own company, Derrick Fung, CEO of Turnezy, said its like you’re jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down. We feel like that a lot. As a family business that is deliberately focused on creating a better world, we often build as we go and faith and flexibility are key stepping stones on our path. We use the term “company” in the classical theatrical sense. We see ourselves as a true company – a group of companions who join us for projects and collaborations in the short or long term. We like to keep very good company and seek out diverse people who are masters of their particular art form: cinematographers, social activists, program and neighbourhood leaders, painters, musicians, film editors, actors, producers, teachers and thought and policy leaders from government, academic, community, journalistic, and business circles. We value journeying and doing “with” those whose own interests and passions are aligned with our desire for a better world.  Our most sincere intention is to collaborate to do good work with good people.