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Restorative Practices Training

Gola is pleased to offer the following core curriculum from the International Institute for Restorative Practices:

Introduction to the Restorative Practices Framework (1 Day)

This 1 day training will allow participants to understand how the Restorative Practice Framework, as a way of thinking and being, facilitates the development of more connected, safer communities and enhances teaching and learning.  Although the focus of this training is in schools, as a universal framework it has application in many and varied settings such as justice and community agencies. This training is foundational for further restorative practices training.

As a way of thinking and being, the Restorative Practice Framework provides a construct for acting restoratively in a ‘community’. With applications in a variety of settings such as schools, facilities, community programs, workplaces, faith groups and families, the aim of the framework is to focus on strengthening relationships and repairing harm as a way of building community. In schools it is meant as an integrated and proactive approach where a major goal is the effective reintegration of students when addressing situations where harm has been done. With a focus on relationship building, it helps communities address issues such as bullying before they reach a problem stage. The framework has direct application to teaching and learning and creating and maintaining safe schools.

Utilizing a Socratic engagement style, the framework incorporates explicit practice, being firm and fair, the continuum of restorative practice, fair process, the restorative questions, a restorative practice checklist and a theoretical basis. By engaging in this framework, schools for example build on existing practices that already work; it is not meant to replace what is deemed effective but rather to enhance it. Schools embracing the Restorative Practice Framework report a safer, more connected environment with higher levels of student achievement as existing and new practices are framed through the restorative lens.

Using Circles Effectively (1 Day)

Learn the value and process of circles—practical and effective tools for creating a positive climate in classrooms and other settings, which you will be able to use immediately. This session is ideally paired with the Introduction to the Restorative Practice Framework training.  Circles can be used, with a modest time investment, to create a positive classroom community at any grade level; manage classroom behavior, and engage students in their education and improve academic achievement. Circles can teach students that their classroom is a community; how to build trust; to support each other’s learning and to hold each other accountable.

The focus of this training is to communicate:

  • Circle techniques and ideas
  • What circles can accomplish
  • How circles can be restorative
  • How to use circles to stimulate learning and discussion

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice using circles
  • Develop new circle applications and questions
  • View videos of circles in actual classroom situations
  • Discuss videos in the context of restorative philosophy
  • Discuss key circle issues
  • Receive helpful materials to take home

Please connect with us at 902-446-2721 or to learn how you might host an IIRP accredited on-site restorative practices training for your group or organization.  To learn about other restorative practices training opportunities across Canada, please visit  For events in the United States and across the globe, please visit