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Deep Service – The Workshop

Good service is not rocket science and Deep Service is simply a matter of connecting to that rich vein of interconnected humanity that we all share.”

With that statement Bill opens his workshop on Deep Service and sets the stage for a rich interactive experience. The entire workshop is designed to help participants find those elements of Deep Service that are already present in their work and how to turn every opportunity for service into a celebration of Deep Service.

Storytelling is a rich part of all of Bill’s workshops and this workshop is no exception. We all have service stories.  Some of these service stories come from our work directly and some come from our living experience of a world where truly good service and particularly Deep Service seems to be increasingly in short supply. By sharing these stories and then breaking them down into their elemental components the participants have a chance to see clearly and first hand how the elements of Deep Service are present or glaringly absent.  It is this awareness that, once created, becomes the foundation for the work that follows.

Moving from stories to principles, from content to form, Bill enables participants to use good and bad experiences to equally build the foundation for a life lived in Deep Service to internal and external customers, our family our community and even ourselves.

Questions explored:

  • Do we have service stories, both the good and the bad, and can we use these stories to form the basis for an understanding of our service practice and approach?
  • Can we integrate this understanding into every aspect of our work and personal lives to make them better?
  • Are there ideas that we can learn from those we work with and can we build on these ideas to make our work teams more effective?
  • Can we come up with specific actionable ideas that we can integrate into every aspect of our workplace and community?

Outcomes achieved:

  • A specific and clear understanding of examples of Deep Service in individual work and life
  • A clear recognition of where Deep Service is already occurring and how we all can, at our own levels and spheres of influence, become models of servant leadership
  • Strategies for making sure all service is Deep Service whether for internal and external customers
  • Stronger and more respectful team relationships
  • A list of actionable ideas that can be put in place personally and professionally to encourage Deep Service at all levels of the organization

Listen to Bill speak on “Deep Service”.

The length of this workshop is fully customizable in order to meet client needs. Bill works directly with organizers and clients before each event in order to create material relevant to and of vital interest for each individual audience.  Bill also offers “Deep Service” as a keynote address.


“Best seminar ever!” and “I needed to hear that!” were just a few of the repeated comments echoed in response to Bill Carr’s seminar addressing some 100 Teamsters Union Stewards at our annual seminar.  Bill speaks with a poignant, direct and personal style and delivers with an authority gleaned from varied personal life experiences, and shares these intimate nuggets of life with the wit and charm of a true Canadian Maritimer. As a facilitator, Bill draws the best from his audience, his compassionate prodding empowering even the most reticent participants to share personal insight and opinions. I would unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend Bill to any organization or group function David Froelich, Secretary Treasurer , Teamsters Local Union 987 of Alberta

Bill was the star of the Council’s events.  His talk received an overwhelming positive response from our Stewards. He had has us roaring with laughter and in tears as he delivered information that was on point for the important work that our Union Stewards do.  He received 4/4 on our evaluations by Council participants with comments such as Awesome Speaker!, Hilarious! and made me remember why I became a Steward! Thanks for all your efforts. – Catherine Pinks, Professional Institute of the Public Service

Everyone enjoyed Bill’s presentation immensely.  His personal stories were real, and ones that all could connect to.  His maritime perspective was endearing and his sense of humour was wonderful and enjoyed by all.  He was easily able to tie his world and life experiences to our world of post secondary education and to give all a sense of accomplishment for our work. It was a perfect end to our two days together.I would highly recommend Bill as a keynote in the future.  He was extremely well received, and is certainly one of the reasons that our conference was such a success –  Norma MacIntosh, Dean, Faculty of Continuing Education & Extension

I just wanted to thank you for recommending Bill for our team-building event. His presentation was interesting, thought provoking and hilarious. I was amazed by the emotion he evoked from the entire room. I think everyone took something important home with them that day. He was the best speaker we’ve had to date and I hope to work with him again in the near future. – Maggie Morrison, The Regional Municipality of York