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Certified Training

ARC is pleased to announce our new partnership with the Professional Speakers Federation (PSF). This collaboration will be spearheaded by Bill Carr who has recently been appointed as President of the PSF.   Bill has honed his craft as a professional speaker for more than 20 years. He regularly travels throughout North America delivering keynote addresses and workshops on creativity, communication and living deeply with humour. As lead facilitator of the 2 day live Speech Mastery Intensive, Bill is excited to help people build both the confidence and the skills they need to share their stories with others. Bill says, “There is no greater thrill or honour than to help people find and share their authentic voice with the world.”  Bill will also oversee the Professional Speakers Certification program of the Federation, acting as a coach and encouraging people to continue with their mastery of speech craft after the 2 day intensive training.

We are also proud to continue our long standing partnership with the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP Canada). Gola Taraschi-Carr is a Master Trainer of IIRP Canada and the first in Nova Scotia to achieve this designation.  She has a deep practice history in restorative justice, formal restorative conferencing, community based programs and the implementation of a restorative approach in closed custody facilities.  Under the mentorship of Bruce Schenk, Director of IIRP Canada,  Gola has cultivated a specialized knowledge on the implementation of restorative practices in schools as a part of a “whole school” approach and was the lead restorative practices trainer in a number of pilot schools across Nova Scotia.   To learn more about restorative practices, please visit   To read about the profound effects that restorative practices are having in school environments, please take a look at Improving School Climate: Findings from Schools Implementing Restorative Practices. To learn about the specific IIRP curriculum that Gola delivers, please visit here.