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Better Together – Fun, Interactive and Transformative

This workshop, presented by Bill and Gola, uses a restorative practice framework to help participants’ seed and cultivate environments and relationships that are restorative and healthy for everyone. They help people build awareness and understanding of empirically proven best practices and then set about demonstrating and modeling the practical steps that must follow. In this way, participants will be able to help cultivate respectful relationships that are marked by a higher degree of collaboration, creativity and respect for diversity. This in turn helps build a sense of community, increase respect and trust and enable participants to move forward into a more hopeful and healthy relationship together.

This workshop will help strengthen and build key relationships in all areas of home and work life, while providing a deeper understanding of the neurology and the workings of the mind and relationships.

The length of this workshop is fully customizable in order to meet client needs. Bill and Gola work directly with organizers and clients before each event in order to create material relevant to and of vital interest for each individual audience.