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Restorative Resolutions with Gola

Isihlahla saziwa ngezithelo zaso. (Zulu)
A tree is known by its fruit. (English)

We believe that organizations, groups, and teams are living systems.  They are alive, organic and interdependent.  Like a tree, they have root structures, a trunk or body, and branches with leaves and fruit. In our view, all organizations are communities and leadership is the responsibility of everyone involved, enabling an unobstructed and healthy flow to from root to trunk, to branches and leaves and the result of this is that the fruit is good.  We have often discovered that happy and productive organizations allow people to feel heard, included and experience a sense of fairness and justice.  This is not about always agreeing on things or always getting along, but this is about nurturing a basic commitment to respect, the value of every person, trying to see things from another person’s point of view and also examining what we “think we know” in every moment.  When we are invited into a situation, we often rely on three restorative questions: What is happening?; How are people being impacted or affected and what are their needs?; and finally What can we do as a community to help move forward and make thinks right for everyone?

Our specific offerings and services include:

  • conflict coaching
  • early neutral evaluation/assessment
  • conflict transformation processes
  • systems and process design/consulting
  • group and individual training and education
  • post-investigation staff debriefing, trust & team building processes
  • restorative justice and restorative practices specialized services

Our services have been utilized in a number of contexts: community and environmental disputes, institutional (schools, custody and care facilities, universities, governing bodies, and with elected officials), interpersonal conflict, justice (criminal and restorative), the media and arts industry, and private and public unionized and non-unionized workplace environments.  This includes consultation and leadership in the design and facilitation of restorative approaches to discrimination and harassment, bullying, interpersonal violence, sexualized and gender based violence, intercultural and intercommunal conflict and violence; team building, and organizational design.  We specialize in services that are inclusive, that value cultural competency and intercultural humility and are meaningful for all involved. We strive to deliver processes that are decolonized, anti-oppressive, focused on reconciliation and led by participants. We do “With” and not “To,  “For” or “Not”.

We put relationships at the centre of everything we do. We value equity and inclusion in all aspects and are deliberate about increasing synergy, intercultural understanding and collaboration in group and team environments. All of our processes are marked by a high degree of accountability coupled with a high degree of support. We maintain strict confidentiality in all of our work and unconditional respect and regard for all participants at all time.

For more information, please connect directly to Gola in complete confidence at or 902-219-2619.