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Host, Emcee & Conference Weaver

Host & Emcee

Bill is a well known Master of Ceremonies and has hosted for a number of organizations such as the IWK Foundation and Children’s Hospital, Unicef, Hansard, the United Way, Neptune Theatre, The Canadian Breast Cancer Society, Department of National Defence, Credit Unions of Canada and the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada.

In this role, Bill introduces performers and speakers in a way that puts them and audience members at ease, introduces program items, presents awards, and recognizes sponsors. Bill performs these tasks in a timely, socially appropriate, and humour-filled style, ensuring that audience interest and excitement is peaked as he seamlessly transitions between sections of the program. He ensures that the event moves ahead at a steady pace and within time constraints and is skilled at improvising amid sudden change. Bill is also an accomplished and hilarious auctioneer if called upon! He is known for his ability to engage an audience, create goodwill and provoke the gift of giving and fundraising for many worthy causes.

Bill always prepares for an event ahead of time. He meets with organizers to learn about the overall event, the agenda, the presenters and any special guests. Based on the information he gathers, Bill is able to prepare an agenda or script for the event. He can also follow a prepared script if desired.

Conference Weaver 

The role of Conference Weaver is one which serves to enhance the entire conference experience. In his role as Conference Weaver, Bill does as the name implies; he weaves the conference themes and ideas together, offering a cogent and coherent vision with a single voice for each event. This function and role adds continuity to the entire event and insures that none of the finer idea threads of the conference are lost. It also removes the pressure on leadership to “perform” in this role and allows them to participate with the other guests/delegates and build those critical relationships, a key benefit that a conference atmosphere can offer.

As conference weaver for your next event, Bill opens and welcomes guests/delegates and serves as host. He can also do an inspiring and entertaining opening or closing keynote as necessary. Bill attends many, if not all, of the break-out presentations depending on logistics. When delegates have re-gathered at various times (breaks/lunches/plenary), he summarizes and shares the ‘learnings’ from the break-outs in a relevant and timely way. This is all done in his quintessential style, with comedy and comment throughout as appropriate. Prior to the conference, Bill researches the themes of the conference. He carefully works with organizers to discover the outcomes, ideas and sub-themes that they wish to convey.



Listen to Bill describe his approach to hosting and being an emcee and conference weaver.




We truly appreciate your ability to keep our guests entertained, engaged and bidding! It was our best event yet and we are deeply grateful for the part you played. Many thanks!Unicef Canada

I have been flooded with emails, texts and phone calls for the past week from people who have had beautiful things to say.  Bill was fabulous! He made us laugh till it hurt and also made us truly think about what is important – Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay. 

The event was a huge success!  Bill was fantastic.  He brought the right tone to the event; funny at the right time, respectful and warm at the right time.  I also really appreciate the fact that he worked within the production timings –  The live auction was under budget and that’s also thanks to Bill.  He really worked hard to drive up those prices. This is one of the smoothest running dinners I have ever done. I am always honest with my feedback, good or bad, but honestly, I can’t really imagine how he could have done a better job.  I will want to work with him again next year. Michael Stack, Event Manager, Canadian Paraplegic Association

Thank you very much for being a part of our annual advisor and assistant appreciation dinner. To put it simply, you were entertaining, motivating, and last but not least, inspiring. We look forward to working with you again in the future Richard Alderman, Branch Manager, Assante Capital Management Ltd.

I just wanted to send a quick message regarding Bill’s appearance last night at the Exit Realty Habitat for Humanity Dinner in Bridgewater. He was simply amazing-nothing that hasn’t been said before I am sure. Humour is therapy but it was his humanity and understanding of empathy that touched me mostLisa Barry, Habitat for Humanity Organizer