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Gola’s Current Offerings

In construction…..Coming soon!

Gola is a thoughtful and playful facilitator who is able to translate deep theory into simple practices for daily life. Her training and workshops contain practical, useful tools and approaches that participants can use right away. Her work as a facilitator is shaped by her personal commitment to reflection, self-inquiry, learning, growth, compassionate listening, self-discovery, self-care, yoga and qigong. Gola’s goal is to create a learning environment that is comfortable, transformative, self-reflective, inclusive and allows people to explore both “all of the good stuff” and “all of the challenging stuff” experienced at work, home and community in a good way. With the experience of more than 20 years of training with diverse adult groups in a wide range of industries and mandates behind her, Gola ensures that her workshops are relaxed learning experiences that are meaningful for participants and directly related to the work that they do. Before events, Gola works closely with leaders and learning organizers to ensure that her material is relevant, timely and will support positive organizational outcomes.