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Respectful Workplaces

What does a respectful workplace look like? What would be happening? What behaviours would we see? How would people feel about going into work everyday? Alternatively, how can we manage disrespectful behaviours in a good way? How do we turn incidents of harm or disrespect at work into learning opportunities for individuals that will allow people to regain trust, restore relationships and set a positive course for the future together?  How can we come together as a team and work together to make things right? How can we hold someone accountable for their behaviour but offer much needed support at the same time? How can we create a more fair and equitable work environment for everyone?

These are the questions that are at the centre of the work that we do to help organizations create healthy and respectful workplaces.  We offer customized solutions for organizations seeking to take the lead in creating a welcoming, safe and fair workplace climate. We have a rich practice history in a variety of contexts with government and community stakeholders, public and private sector companies, unionized and non-unionized environments, criminal justice, universities and schools, volunteer boards, and elected officials.

We offer:

We work from a framework of Restorative Practices,  a multi-disciplinary social science that seeks to build healthy connections between people by repairing harm and nurturing relationships. We are deliberate about nurturing respectful and strong relationships in any given environment, working to build communication, good feelings and trust between people in times of conflict or change. We utilize key learning from research in many fields such as human emotion, neurobiology, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology and alternative dispute resolution to help create the optimum conditions for a strong relationships.  All of our consulting and training offerings are based in participatory, fair and inclusive processes. All of our services are offered in the strictest confidence by our Director and Facilitator Gola Taraschi-Carr.  To learn more, please connect by email or or call 902-446-2721.  If you wish to reach Gola directly, please call 902-219-2619 or email


I really liked Gola’s approach.  I felt comfortable sharing. This training is on tough material but it was a positive experience. – C.C. 

I really liked that it was group oriented.  Gola was very open in examples which helped open my eyes. – N.B.

An important thing that I learned and will take with me is to always have open and honest communication in a respectful way.  I enjoyed it.  She touched on a lot that I wouldn’t even have connected – H.B.

I really liked talking things out as a teamN.L.

Important things that I learned and will take away with me are exploring and managing shame, the ranges of human emotion, and understanding your brain.  I really liked the whole presentation and how it’s applicable to a lot of situations at work and homeJ.H.

I really liked how you brought us together and helped us talk it outM.G. 

An important thing I learned is how a comment can be hurtful when that’s not meant to be taken that way.  Gola made the workshop fun and interactive. I really enjoyed the training. – Anonymous

An important thing I learned was to take a breath before I speak and keep an “open” and not “closed” story. – E.N. 

I really liked learning to open up and be honest. – C.R.