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Shift for Brains

With the recent cancellation of the Sheldon MacLeod Show, Shift for Brains is shifting! Stay tuned as we navigate these interesting times.  We are returning! Past episodes can be accessed on “Shift for Brains” on iTunes. 


Shift for Brains (say it fast!) is a thought experiment that is currently transforming into a collaboration between ARC and The Sheldon MacLeod Show on Rogers News 95.7 FM in Halifax. Facilitated by Bill Carr, Shift for Brains is trying to do the “news” differently.  We are providing a sounding board and an open, respectful space for people to have discussion about difficult and challenging subjects in current affairs and news.  The show challenges its listeners to think about why they think what they do and to engage with others of diverse experiences and thought so that we can all deepen our understanding and appreciation of an issue, and maybe even shift our thinking a little for the better.  It is a show for those of us who want to move our society from apathy to empathy and hype to hope.

The show is broadcast every Friday at 3pm (AST) from the News 95.7 studio. Listen every week by accessing the News 95.7 online live stream.

Shift for Brains also moves from broadcast to podcast weekly and is hosted on iTunes for those who missed the live show or want to listen in their own time. To access, please subscribe to Shift for Brains on iTunes. To stay up to date on the many different things we are thinking about outside of each show, you can also follow us on Twitter @shiftbrainspod and like us on Facebook @shiftforbrains_pod.  You can also visit us on our website at