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Who is Gola?


Gola holds a Master of Arts Degree in Criminology from the University of Ottawa and an undergraduate degree in Anthropology from Saint Mary’s University. Gola is also a licensed Master Trainer of the International Institute of Restorative Practices. In 2012, Gola was recognized as a distinguished nominee for the Canadian National Ron Wiebe Award in Restorative Justice. In 2015, Gola was awarded a formal Yoga Teacher Certification from the Sivananda Ashram at Val Morin. In 2016, Gola became a Certified Coach Practitioner with the Certified Coaching Federation, Canada. In 2018, Gola was appointed as a external trainer for the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. Also in 2018, Gola began work as an external community trainer with the Halifax Regional Municipality to help  facilitate the establishment of resident “community mobilization” teams within Halifax communities at risk of and impacted by gun violence in alignment with the HRM Public Safety Strategy 2018-2022.  In 2018, Gola also began working with Acadia University as Equity Officer and Consultant.


Gola is a thoughtful and playful facilitator who is able to translate deep theory into simple practices for daily life. Together with husband Bill Carr, Gola founded the Atlantic Restorative Company (ARC) which seeks to “create space for authentic human exchange”. ARC works with groups and organizations across Canada to motivate, educate, and facilitate healthier, more trusting and stronger relationships within workplace teams and communities.

Gola has worked for a number of years to seed and cultivate restorative practices in diverse contexts: criminal justice, community services and child welfare settings, schools, university and health sectors, workplace settings and most recently in the medium of documentary film and theatre. Gola led the development of the Best Practice Standard for the Restorative Justice Program of the Nova Scotia Department of Justice. She has participated in a number of innovative initiatives such as the development of a restorative approach at the Nova Scotia Youth Facility at Waterville, the HRM mental health court; restorative options for youth in group home settings, neighbourhood circle projects, and community conversation processes related to renewable energy initiatives. Currently, Gola is developing a new coaching practice and programs that focus on conflict transformation and individual & group wellness

Gola offers a high level of discretion & confidentiality. Her work as a facilitator is shaped by her personal commitment to reflection, learning, growth, compassionate listening, self-discovery and the practices of yoga and qigong. Her specialties include: Restorative Justice; Restorative Practices; Community-Centred; Gender & Trauma Informed Restorative Approaches; High Conflict, High Need, High Loss Formal Conferencing, Diversity & Culturally Competency & Conflict Coaching.

Gola is pleased to offer 4 new workshops this year:

  1. Difficult Conversations: How to Talk About the Things We Don’t Want to Talk About
  2. Being the Change: Diversity and Inclusion Bootcamp
  3. Restorative Communication: The Art and Science of Respectful Relationships
  4. Creating Space to Make Things Right: Restorative Justice Essentials

These workshops can be customized in terms of content and time. To learn more, please connect at  To learn more about Gola’s current work, please visit Gola on LinkedIn.



I will use the elements presented today in both my personal and professional interactions. A great day!!K.

Gola, you always help me feel re-energized. I think much of this has to do with your positivity and confidence. Thank you!L.D.

Great facilitator, warm, welcoming, created a very comfortable environment. No pressure to participate. Acceptance Anonymous

Gola, you were excellent! I have a lot to think about and work on in applying restorative practices to both my personal and professional world! Thank you!A.C.

This is the best workshop I have ever attended! An opportunity to self-reflect; non-judgmental environment set from the beginning; very knowledgeable facilitator; a connection between the information and our current program/workC.C.

This was fantastic, learning at its best, not being talked “at” but feeling very much a part of the wholeS.N.

Gola is a masterful facilitator – wonderful, empowering, open and caring which transfers perfectly/harmoniously to the process itselfT.S.

 A really safe and supportive learning environment was created in quite a large group… restorative practice in action! Everyone had a voice and the possibility to speak up…space was created for everyone’s voice to be heard.I.L.

Very relaxed, created a safe space for all our voices.J.M.

I liked the take away materials and extra readings…the fact that some of the questions did not have an exact answer but a collaborative answer seeking process. M.C.

It was a very controlled but confortable environment…Training should be offered to other organizations. It’s something that everyone can benefit from. Absolutely amazing and inspiring! L.R.

…well planned, filled with interesting and useful information, geared to several learning styles, enhanced positive energy in the room…These workshops really enhanced my other work and made me much more effective in handling conflict resolutionM.M.

It was so nice to have you here, please come back!N.P.