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Speech & Communication Training with Bill

Designed to support you in becoming an outstanding communicator, Bill Carr acquaints you with a series of unwritten rules that are rarely shared yet appear in many of the greatest speeches of all time.  In spite of our digital age, and the abundance of email and electronic communication, there will always come a time when you need to communicate and share with others your knowledge and your expertise. And if it’s not your knowledge or expertise you’re sharing, perhaps it’s just you sharing your heart.

Think about toasts at a wedding, or giving a tribute at a birthday celebration or perhaps at a graduation. Think about delivering a eulogy or some sort of commemoration, funeral, giving a sales presentation or presentations to others in your field in terms of that professional space that you inhabit. Think about giving presentations to civic planning committees or different boards or different organizations thinking about communicating one-on-one or to groups of any size. Imagine having the ability to speak with conviction, clarity and conciseness! Picture you, the savvy leader, delivering a perfectly composed message with elegance and grace. Packed with confidence building techniques and innovative tools formulated to support you with conveying the most important message anywhere, Bill will have you looking forward to delivering your next speech or important communication.

Interactive, informative and thought-provoking discussion will serve to help you better understand the speech process with multiple opportunities to practice, receive constructive feedback and discern the makings of an awesome communicator.

Bill will show you how to elevate your likability factor and most perhaps importantly, he will help you address the fears and anxieties which take over when you get up in front of others so that you can be liberated to stand up confident, poised and impassioned.  The truth is, that giving great presentations or talks has never been more important for professional or personal success. When that time comes, you want to be effective and yet you want it to be easy. You don’t want your knowledge and expertise to go to waste because of fear or a lack of skill in speaking.

Connect with us at to learn about Bill’s customized communication workshops.  He studies the needs of your industry and creates a unique training package that suits both individual and organizational goals.