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Dispute Resolution with Gola

Isihlahla saziwa ngezithelo zaso. (Zulu).
A tree is known by its fruit. (English)

We believe that organizations, groups, and teams are living systems.  They are alive, organic and interdependent.  Like a tree, they have root structures, a trunk or body, and branches with leaves and fruit. A healthy root structure provides stability and nourishment.  These are the formal structures that underpin any venture- organizational chart, policies, mission and vision – that anchor everyone involved. A healthy trunk communicates this structure to the branches and this is where leadership lies. Good leaders enable good flow to branches and the result of their work is that the fruit is good.

Our ADR specific offerings include:

  • conflict coaching
  • early neutral evaluation/assessment
  • conflict transformation processes
  • systems and process design/consulting
  • group training
  • restorative justice and restorative practices specialized services

Our services have been utilized in a number of contexts: community and environmental disputes, institutional (schools, custody and care facilities, universities, governing bodies), interpersonal conflict, justice (criminal and restorative), the media and arts industry, and workplaces (unionized and non-unionized environments).  This includes the design of restorative approaches to harassment, bullying, team building, and organizational design.  We specialize in services that are inclusive, culturally competent and meaningful for all involved. We value relationships and diversity in all aspects and are deliberate about increasing synergy, intercultural understanding and collaboration in group and team environments. We maintain strict confidentiality in all of our work.

For more information, please connect directly to Gola at or 902-219-2619.