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Life coaching helps individuals live their lives more deeply. By offering fresh perspectives and solid tools to help individuals identify areas of both challenge and opportunity, a life coach helps people work towards what they really want. They offer a method for provoking positive change in a person’s life via a one on one relationship that offers both support as well as high expectations and outcome driven exercises and tasks that create direction and discipline.

Life coaches aren’t counselors or therapists and they are not qualified to diagnose or treat mental health matters. Their goal is to facilitate a process that makes it easier for their clients to achieve their goals. Coaches are the best allies you can ever have.  They will listen to you fully, support you in leading your own life and keep challenging you to be your best self along the way.

Bill is currently a practicing life coach with the Certified Coaches Federation. He offers in person individual and executive coaching tailored to the needs of individuals and organizations. His specializes in public speaking, acting and performance coaching. Bill is also President of the Professional Speakers Federation and is their lead executive coach and facilitator of their Certified Speech Mastery Program.

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