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Life Coaching with Bill

Life coaching helps individuals live their lives more deeply. By offering fresh perspectives and solid tools to help individuals identify areas of both challenge and opportunity, a life coach helps people work towards what they really want. They offer a method for provoking positive change in a person’s life via a one on one relationship that offers both support as well as high expectations and outcome driven exercises and tasks that create direction and discipline.

Life coaches aren’t counselors or therapists and they are not qualified to diagnose or treat mental health matters. Their goal is to facilitate a process that makes it easier for their clients to achieve their goals. A coach can be a person’s best ally by listening, supporting and challenging their clients to be their best selves.

Bill is currently a practicing life coach with the Certified Coaches Federation. He offers individual and executive coaching tailored to the needs of individuals and organizations. He specializes in public speaking, acting and performance coaching. Bill is also President of the Professional Speakers Federation and is lead executive coach and facilitator of the Certified Speech Mastery Program.

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Yoga Coaching with Gola

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice and discipline with ancient roots in India and the philosophy of Vedanta. It offers a direct method for stilling our turbulent minds and strengthening our bodies. With a regular practice, we can become more deeply connected, patient and compassionate to our selves and those around us. We can experience life fully as it unfolds in the present moment, rather than being tied to past memories or future expectations and fears.

Traditionally, yoga is more than physical exercise as it has a meditative and spiritual focus. The word yoga is often interpreted as “union” and its discipline is intended to unite the seeker with the truth of the self and with nature. Yoga is a way of living and being. Health flows as a natural consequence of following certain restorative ways of living that can be described as saatvic or pure and good. There are four paths of yoga:

  1. bhakti yoga – the path of devotion and love
  2. karma yoga – the path of action, service to others, and mindfulness
  3. raja yoga – the path of physical exercise and meditation
  4. jnana yoga – the path of self-inquiry and knowledge

Raja yoga includes prescribed physical movements and postures or asanas. These are to promote alignment and health in the skin, muscles, tissues, ligaments, bones and internal organs. The asanas open and nurture the health of the nadis, or internal channels, of the body so that prana or vital energy can flow unobstructed.

Hatha yoga is in the path of raja yoga. It is a physical practice that unites the opposite energies of the body – hot and cold, left and right, and masculine and feminine. ‘Ha’ translates as “Sun” and ‘Tha’ translates as “moon. It is a powerful method of physical transformation as it also utilizes the breath or pranayama (breathing exercises) to strengthen the body and still the mind.

Gola has been trained in the gurukula system of the Sivananda Tradition.  Her teaching methods are based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda and the Five Points of Yoga of Swami Vishnu-Devananda: Proper Breathing, Proper Exercise, Proper Diet, Proper Relaxation, & Proper Thinking. She does her best to represent the teachings of the ancient masters as they were traditionally prescribed in order to benefit her students and honour the wisdom tradition of Vedanta. She is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. To learn more, please connect at